Isn’t it interesting how a change in circumstance can give words new meaning? This is not a new concept for us; it has been the case all along. My most recent word-morphing discovery has been “together”. 

In the time we were apart, there was so much talk about how we couldn’t wait to be together again. There were dreams of reunion and the bliss it would bring. We longed for the happiness togetherness would renew. It seemed as if the day would never arrive.

Now it has come to fruition. Words can’t describe the sheer joy of having you here with me every day. It is a greater comfort and peace deep in my soul than I could have ever imagined. I am filled with a kind of happiness that extends far beyond mere words.

In the midst of this beautiful celebration of us, it has occured to me that it doesn’t feel as if we are “finally together”. Yes, I am ecstatic that you have returned and that I can be by your side and in your arms anytime my heart desires. But I am beginning to truly understand what it means to share a soul with someone. Just as we said to one another many times across the distance that separated us – we have been together all along. 

I love you my twin soul. Always and only. 

There Is No Right Way To Grow and Live Your Life

Love this.

Endless Light and Love


We are all on our own special journey of life. For some of us its smooth sailing, our sails following the winds of time, floating comfortably on calm seas but for others its a more tempestuous journey, fraught with setbacks and traumas brought on by the every changing winds of change within our lives.

We start our journey as soon as we are born, some say at the time of conception, I guess I follow the latter because we started our learning process at conception, we could feel our mothers and sense their emotions, hear sounds and feel movement so our journeys of life, I believe began at the point of conception.

Our learning experiences differ; we encounter different ways of life, different cultural experiences, different languages, different religions and become accustomed to different foods, tastes and of course ways of dress.

We follow the guidance of our parents, siblings…

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Endless Light and Love


Oneness, When you look into another’s eyes and all you see is yourself!

The realisation that we are all one in the same, we are all created from source, we are all part of the 5 master elements Pancha Mahabhuta (Sanskrit)meaning Pancha (5) Maha (Master) and Bhuta (Element) = Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, these 5 principle elements of intelligence underlie all of creation, they make up everything within our bodies and everything outside our bodies.

Once we understand these 5 elements we can start to feel the presence of others and notice the connections between all beings, the feeling of ‘Oneness’ is a wonderful thing, it opens our eyes to the world and allows our hearts to connect with others.

Namaste with Love

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Finish line

As a little girl, I dreamed of the fairy tale wedding, fostered along by various books of “happily ever after” in the stories I read so often. I grew up with the idea that marriage was the end all, be all of relationships… the finish line. It took me 40 years and many failed relationships to understand that marriage is anything but the finale. It is merely the starting point.

After the vows, the race – in the form of a lifelong marathon – truly begins. There are periods of grace, when the pace is steady and even – things just flow. There are times that call for a more determined and rapid stride. Sometimes you’re in the front, other times you’re hovering in the middle, and there are moments when last place is where you need to be. As the ups and downs of life come and go, it can feel more like a relay… and knowing when to tag team with your partner is imperative.

I’ve come to understand that marriage, much like life, is more like a journey and less like a destination. And while this change in perspective has buried my childhood ideas of love and romance, it has allowed true love – with all its challenges and beauty and potential for growth – to become a reality for me. And for that, I am grateful.


“What’s different about him?” they ask. I don’t know where to start. I want to say everything. But I realize that even the word “everything” means something different to me now, and I don’t have the words to explain all the ways that’s true. I don’t believe these words even exist. The only explanation I can give makes no sense to someone who hasn’t experienced it for themselves. I now understand why people say, “When it’s real, you’ll just know.” Yes.

When I look into his eyes, I see so many things. I see a window that allows me to look deep into his soul, and what I see are ancient ripples of sweet familiarity. I see a mirror that reflects my truest self, and all the beauty I possess at my core. There is no good and bad. Simply put, I see all of who I am, meshed together, to form me at this particular moment in time. And I catch glimpses of the me I have the potential to be. I see a prism that projects love back to me in brilliant indescribable colors… Love blended from his love for me, love I have for myself, and the unconditional love and acceptance God has for me always.

To be in his presence is to be engulfed in a sea of emotional and spiritual bliss; a feeling of celebration of self and partnership. Yet simultaneously, I am drawn from my deepest levels to be more than who I am today. To expand my boundaries, disassemble my walls a brick at a time, and shine from the inside out. Evolve. Grow. Blossom. Sparkle. Illuminate.

He described it to me this way, once:

You are the window through which God’s love shines the most brightly towards me.

I think that sums it up nicely.


There are many treasured words from the lines of our story that have already unfolded. Beautiful things have been spoken that are engraved permanently on my heart. Tonight’s one-liner has already been added to the “never to be forgotten” list.

“Loving you is who I am.”

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Thank you for all you say and do to make our story so beautiful.